Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sushi, anyone?

What more could you ask for during the 'joy' of exam season than home delivered sushi. That's right. Home delivered. 
I have always been a huge fan of sushi and even when becoming a vegetarian meant I couldn't eat fish, that wasn't going to take the wonderful world of sushi away from me. Vegetables, fruit and tofu make fantastic fish replacements.

Since I'm living in Canterbury because of uni I had to hunt out the closest (and best) sushi restaurant I could find. Sushi craving are a real thing. I spend ages googling trying to find somewhere that could satisfy my needs but the only place Google reported back was Wagamama's, which I love but doesn't have sushi. I had given up hope until one day a boy was handing out flyers for the restaurant he works at, and since I can't say no to flyers I took one and low and behold, they sold sushi! And ramen! And other beautiful Japanese dishes.
I went as soon as I could, and it was fantastic. Although small and in a bit of a odd location, the service and food are amazing.
It was only a few months ago that this restaurant decided to open a new, only sushi, sister restaurant right next to it. This meant that sushi was no longer going to be served in the normal restaurant, but rather a new one. Although it is minuscule, the sushi is still amazing and you can see it being made in front of you! I have to admit that I was a bit heartbroken about this sushi-ramen divorce, but then they eased my pain by adding home delivery to the sushi options. And it cheaper to get it at home because of VAT, so I am definitely not complaining anymore.

If anyone in Canterbury doesn't know what I'm talking about:

Friday, 1 May 2015

The Island of Mozambique

I'm back in Maputo after a short but sweet holiday with my mum in the Island of Mozambique.

What an amazing place! It is a completely dream like location. Its crystal-clear water makes you feel like you're snorkeling even when you're not, the never ending heat, and vibrant colours every where! Women dressed in capolana (traditional Mozambican fabric) rule the streets, followed by hundreds of ever-smiling children.

Historically, you can't get any richer than this small, 3km long island in the Indian ocean.  Indians, Arabs, Portuguese and Mozambicans have periodically inhabited the island, leaving it with a cultural explosion! It used to be the capital of Mozambique when it was part of the Portuguese empire (hence the fantastic architecture), and there are around 12 mosques on the island (the vast majority of the population is Muslim), 7 churches and a Hindu temple. The locals are accepting of cultures and religion, I even met a few people who were Christian and Muslim at the same time!

The island is split in two: stone city and Macuti city. The stone city all in Portuguese architecture, everywhere you go there are grand house, a palace or two and the magnificent hospital. All the buildings are completely falling apart, but there is still such a romantic and beautiful air about it. Macuti city is on a different level (literally), since it was built in the dug-up ground from which the stones for the stone city were taken from. Macuti is where two thirds of the population live, in typical housing of the area, made of palm tree leaves, sticks and mud. Some of the houses are also made out of cement, but they don't let the heat out as well, so I'm not sure is was a great idea...

I fear for the bad development which may happen in the island. Its so small and so delicate in terms of its ecosystem, that if there is any excessive construction, tourism, cruises it'll all go down the drain. Its such a hard problem to face in such a poor country, but they really have to invest in long term plans which will allow for the country to get richer, without losing its natural richness.

Enough chit-chat, here are some pictures I took.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Clinique life saver

Right now I am sitting at my veranda in Maputo, internally debating whether or not I should go back inside because I am no longer used to heat over 18 degrees (Thank you, England).

Since I have to get two flights to get here, one of them being 11 hours long, my skin just decides to kind of hate me and the world. This results in a vast array of blemishes, ranging from normal spots to painful under-the-skin ones. Since I hate spots with a passion (as I assume most people do) I want to eliminate them ASAP. I have tried a lot of approaches, most of which leave me disappointed and frustrated because they just make my spots look redER.
but then...
Clinique came along and wooed me.

As per usual its sexy and sleek packaging drew me in instantly, it was a packet of 3 items in the anti-blemish solutions range. Since I got them during Christmas time it was a special deal package with everything in one. Lucky me.

I tried and loved it, but didn't use it very much. This was entirely because I forgot where I had put them.

After my long flight I tried the usual calming face creams and angry face-cleaning but nothing was working, until I remembered I brought my sexy and sleek Clinique trio. This three-step team consists of; a cleansing foam, a clarifying lotion, and an oil-free all-over clearing treatment.

I did the treatment before bed and added nothing else on to my face. In the morning I was not disappointed. Though my spots were not all completely gone, they were no longer sticking out, and had transformed in to red dots on my face. My pours looked smaller and my skin wasn't dry, which happens to me a lot when using other anti-blemish products, and then I am left with the tough decision of choosing between the continuation of my spot-eradicating mission, or hydrating my face.

Over all I would definitely give it a 9/10 (just because my spots are still slightly present) and recommend it to anyone who has blemishes. Its not going to strip your skin or irritate the spots/make them come out and really DOES work.

The dream team 

Link to Clinique products


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Random life update

So this was a sad excuse for a blog!

I haven't made an entry in far too long... I don't really know what to do in relation to blog entries because I do not have the fund to try out loads of new skin products, or buy lots of beutiful clothes, or travel and have a nonchalant air about the whole ordeal.

I can, however, say that I have been loving listen to music (as per usual).

My top picks of the month?

- Frank Ocean's Channel Orange album

- The Drums Portamento album

- Florence + the Machiene 'St. Jude' (on repeat alllll the time) and 'What kind of man'

- The Vaccines

- Hozier

love love love


Monday, 27 October 2014


Its that time of year again when the side walks fill with yellow, orange and brown, snuggling the floor before winter comes.
Though I am a massive fan of spring and summer, I do love autumn. Its a very special season, bringing a different type of colour to us. I can, kind of, over look the cloudy and rainy days when the sun comes out, but you're still wrapped up in a wooly scarf kicking leaves at your feet and getting muddy boots.
I do love the sunshine on a cold autumn day.
I love the dew which surounds the gardens, I love the sound of crunching leaves and I love the smell of the rain.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Christmas list #1

Christmas list #1

And so the time has come to make people cry. 
I would love to have so many things, and the Christmas season is not helping by brainwashing me in to thinking I want even more. But the truth is, I do! The patterns, colours, materials... Ohh everything is so lovely.
I know it’s not really the Christmas season at all yet, but I'm procrastinating so it has to be done.
I think I will be posting a couple more of these and see how it works out.
I have recently discovered Alex Monroe, and oh my goodness everything about the brand is amazing. The delicacy with which the pieces are designed and created is astonishing. They are quite pricey items, which means that anyone who knows the brand would appreciate the gift just that little bit more. I love how everything is so dainty and sometimes unusual! I mean, how often do you see a pomegranate hanging off someone's neck? I love it allllll.
Apart from that I'm loving the chunky knit look, but trying to not make everything look too dark, or I'll look like a walking rain cloud (which is actually sometimes the look/mood I'm feeling so it's all good).
Cholé is one of my favourite perfumes ever. The scent stays on for ages and its feminine with a warm feel, without being overly 'girly' smelling. Did that make any sense?? Anyway, I find that it is a fantastic scent for winter as it last for absolutely ages and therefore one does not end up smelling of the 'cold outside' as much as one would without it.

Fantastic stuff.


Christmas list #1 by fia-mcmee featuring holiday decorations

Topshop light blue top
$60 -

ASOS purple lace top
$14 -

Alex Monroe citrine earrings
$200 -

Chloé bangle bracelet
$455 -

Alex Monroe charm bracelet
$310 -

Chloé perfume fragrance

Monday, 13 October 2014

White Pearl, Mozambique

If someone were to ask me what the most beautiful place I've ever been to is I would have to say the White Pearl Resort in Mozambique. Almost at the very bottom of the country lies a wonderful little corner of the world, on which some people decided to build a few little houses. This place is amazing. I went there with my family last Easter holiday (so, around March/April) and I was shocked to find myself somewhere so wonderful!
The location itself is very hard to get to, my family took a jeep-like car and we almost got stuck in a giant puddle which reached the car windows, we had to pee in the bush and encountered a friendly scorpion, as well as having to slow down for snakes, potholes and the odd child asking for a bottle of water (which of course we gave).
We got a fairy which took us from Maputo to Catembe, just across the narrow part of Maputo Bay. From there we drove down and down, through the Elephant reserve (not catching a glimpse of any actual elephants, but of quite a lot of poo), passing every type of road possible: some were tar, (featuring very large potholes), some were made from sand, some were a muddy puddle delight (not really delightful, at times scary actually, though very funny) and other were rocky, but we eventually got to the holy grail that is the White Pearl Resort.
The golden sandy beaches welcomed us with strong, clear blue waves, which hid a vast array of wildlife. The lush green hills kept our little corner beautifully protected from the outside world, and had hut-like rooms resting upon them in a way which didn't ruin the scenery. The rooms themselves were lovely too, though a bit too romantic since I was sharing it with my brother. They had a balcony which had a breath-taking view over the beach and the hills, bouncy beds, lovely shell/beaded shower curtain, two sun-lounger, a little pool and an outside shower. A shower outside in the warm air (not too late in the evening so you don't get bitten by mosquitos!) is such an amazing, yet simple, experience. Though it does not exactly cause an adrenaline rush, I felt oddly free and calm.
Apart from that there are lots of fun and eco-friendly activities such as taking a horse ride through the nearby villages and bush (lovelyyy), or the beach, snorkelling and an ocean-safari (amazing, amazing, amazing), and surfing or body-boarding (did it, loved it, sucked at it). The dinner and lunch menus are fab, not only does it change every day but it offers fantastic dishes of South African and Mozambique cosine with a twist! Some are more Western-friendly (not too spicy, and lightly more 'common') and many are vegetarian friendly, which is amazing for me.
In the afternoon there was high-tea with cakes and sweets in a lovely white and blue room.
Enough ranting? I think so...
If you want to check the place out, click on ! Would be a truely fantastic holiday and might have more professional-looking photos!

Hello little friend!

My room with a view

High tea

My family decided to have breakfast on the beach! (I was late, whoops!)

The sun loungers, and a hint of the mini pool 

This boy was the size of my hand

Dragonflies, buttefies, bees, they were all there! I loved it